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My first advice for those of you that uses Facebook is to always make sure to provide an alternate email address to your Facebook account!

You probably don’t think that you should run into problems with your email. But it is really importat that you have a working e-mail account.
Othervise it may end up that you no longer can use the Facebook login.

If you lose your email, Facebook can not verify that you are you.
The problem is much bigger than that you just miss updates from Facebook.
Suppose you happen to forget your password when you log in to Facebook? Without e-mail it makes it impossible for you to get a new password, and chances are that you never again can access your Facebook account.

There are several ways for you to loose control of your email:

  • Suppose you go to school and have an email address from there. When you leave school you lose the account.
  • Suppose you use the email address you have at your work. If you change employee or get fired, you will lose your e-mail address.
  • Some real estate companies offer e-mail as part of your internet connection. Suppose you move? What happens then?
  • You may have e-mail through your ISP. You change operator and suddenly you stand without your email.
  • There are unscrupulous people out there on the internet who send spam. They may simulate other senders to add credibility to their spam. If they use your email it may end up in so-called spam filters, and that makes e-mail adress unusable.
  • Someone may even come across your information and thus hijack your account.
  • Your e-mail supplier may simply go bankrupt.

As you see, there are many ways to lose your e-mail address.

If you want to make sure that you will be able to log in to Facebook then you should make sure you add an alternate email address to use as a backup.

If you don not have have an additional e-mail address, you can obtain one for free from Microsoft or Google or any other free service out there.