Blocking on Facebook


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The Blocking in Facebook let you add some privacy to enhance your Facebook daily use. You can completly block people but or just block certain areas like events, invites from apps and also specific apps etc.

If you want to block something or somebody, go to the facebook login and enter your credentials. Then click on the “cogwheel” icon to the right in the top meny. In the pop up menu, select “privacy settings”.

In the left column on the Facebook page a new menu appears.
Under “Privacy” you now find “Blocking”. Click on it.

Now you can choose who or what to block:

Restricted list
Adding people to the restricted list on Facebook means that they want see any of your posts or other updates that you make.

Unless you have choose to make a post public.
Public posts are always accessible to everyone.
Block Users
Add the name or email to the friend you want to block.
If you block a person on Facebook they no longer can comunicate with you through Facebook. You don’t get any messages or new etc.

However, if you and the person you block are members of the same group or have the same apps you can still interact with eachother when entering the group or using the app.
Block app invites
Perfect if you have friends that constantly leave you messages where they want you to join a game or use the same app as they use.
Blocking them and you no longer will recieve any app invitations.

Block event invites
Do you have friends on Facebook that always invites you to events that you never will take part of? Just block them and you will get rid of their requests.

Block apps
If you are annoyed by invitations or news or any other information from an app on Facebook? Just block it by typing there name.